Baldino’s Restaurant Review – Jupiter, Florida

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Baldino’s Italian Restaurant review.

Lunch time came rather quickly today at the Jupiter Sandbar office and after Devon picked a real winner last week [read Sinclairs Ocean Grill Review], we decided to let her pick our destination again today. She felt in the mood for some Italian food so we all agreed to try out Baldino’s Italian Restaurant – oh what a mistake that was!

First and foremost, we entered Baldino’s and were immediately greeted by a gigantic hand sanitizer station that looked like a parking meter – why in the world is this at the front door? Despite being caught off guard by the sanitizer, all 3 of us were sat very quickly. Our waitress was extremely nice and we had our drinks within a few minutes.

After receiving our drinks and placing our orders, I was feeling good about Baldino’s. That is of course until we actually received our food. Devon ordered the chicken soup and was brought out potato soup and my “Philly Steak Pizza” was a plain cheese pizza – I guess our waitress made up for her excessive kindness by lacking listening skills.

Despite the debacle with receiving the wrong orders at Baldino’s, let’s take a look at how much the food cost and how it actually tasted. Check out our individual meal reviews below:

Philly Steak Pizza – $6.50

Tim’s Meal Review: Upon gazing at the lunch specials, the Philly Steak pizza immediately caught my attention so I decided to try it out. After waiting for our food, I was finally greeted by a small cheese pizza, no toppings, nothing – it was pizza dough, sauce and cheese! Since I was starving and I didn’t feel like complaining that it wasn’t the right pizza, I sucked it up and ate it – it wasn’t too bad even though it was not what I ordered. You would think that when the waitress took my order, having told her “Philly Steak Pizza” while pointing at it on the menu would have been enough to get my order right – obviously that isn’t the case at Baldino’s.

House Salad + Chicken & Bean Soup – $6

Devon’s Meal Review: Today I just decided to go light so I ordered the soup and salad. Somehow, my order was still wrong but it was corrected quickly. The soup was chicken and spinach with white beans. It was actually pretty good. The salad was just that– a salad, so not much to say on that front. The service was alright, but the food mistakes were pretty hard to overlook. I don’t think I’ll be going back.

Eggplant Parmigiana – $11.99 – Served with House Salad + Garlic Knot

Dave’s Meal Review: To be honest I wasn’t a fan of Baldino’s, there are plenty of other places to get much better italian food in the area. My eggplant parm was definitely not cooked like any other eggplant parm I’ve had in the past and it didn’t bode too well with me. If you’re looking for something quick and are up in the Tequesta area it might be worth a shot.

In conclusion, Baldino’s Italian Restaurant was not a horrible choice for lunch in Jupiter, Florida but it also wasn’t the smartest. The “Italian” food was pretty mediocre and after fumbling with taking the correct orders, I doubt I will return – you all should try it out at least once though, I hear the sparkling apple spritzer that is imported from Germany is to die for!

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