Brooklyn Water Bagels Review – Jupiter, Florida

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Brooklyn Water Bagels review.

We decided to head to lunch a little early today while our A/C at the office was being fixed. Our restaurant of choice was Brooklyn Water Bagels which is within walking distance. Dave has been talking it up as he goes there almost every morning so it was time to get a review cranked out.

Upon entering Brooklyn Water Bagels you will immediately notice an impressive selection of coffee that they have to offer. Of course they do sell bagels as well as Bagelwiches which if you can’t guess, they are sandwiches made out of bagels. The staff there was extremely polite and we had our order completed within minutes.

Now that we have divulged the location of our lunch today, let’s take a quick look at just exactly how the food was at Brooklyn Water Bagels with our individual meal reviews (I was a little jacked up on caffeine so I accidentally threw my receipt away which is why there are no prices – sorry!):

Chicken Salad Bagelwich + Small Iced Coffee Cubsta

Tim’s Meal Review: Once I was done devouring the Chicken Salad Bagelwich at lunch today I can honestly say I was not unhappy with it – it was not the best food I have ever eaten but it got the job done. Perhaps the greatest thing about Brooklyn Water Bagels is their ice cubes made out of coffee – my mind is still blown! Couple their brilliant caffeine-infused iced cubes with the amazing selection of coffee and you will find yourself hooked instantly.

Tuna Melt Bagelwich + Small Iced Coffee Cubsta

Dave’s Meal Review: I’ve always hit up this place for breakfast since they make a pretty mean egg sandwich and it’s close to the office. Today we ventured over for lunch and I have to say its not too bad. It’s a pretty simple menu; and with just a couple sandwich options to pick from I went for the tuna melt. If you need a quick lunch and want to get your mid-day coffee on then this would be a good place to swing by.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick bite to eat and a caffeinated beverage for an afternoon pick-me-up, Brooklyn Water Bagels is a great place – I’d definitely recommend going there just to see the brilliant iced coffee cubes in action.

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