Burrito Bros. Review

Burrito Bros. - JupiterSandbar

Today the JupiterSandbar is proud to bring you our Burrito Bros. review.

From the outside looking in, Burrito Bros. just looks like another tiny place to get food, hidden amidst other random stores in a tiny strip mall. Upon entering the single door entrance, you are immediately hit with bright island colors, surf boards hanging on the wall and an amazing smell of fresh food! What kind of food you might ask? Burritos of course, I mean the name kind of gives that one away. It can best be described a locally owned Chipotle style burrito shop that only uses fresh ingredients – it puts the food that Chipotle serves to shame, trust me.

After waiting a couple of minutes in line I was greeted by one of the servers at Burrito Bros. Once I picked out a burrito bowl, the creation process began with white rice, grilled vegetables (red peppers/onions) and my choice of meat which was Chipotle chicken. With an already packed bowl, we then ventured over to the toppings section. I like to keep it simple so I asked for cheese, sour cream and corn – then it was off to the checkout.

From the time I walked through the door until I signed the receipt at the register it took me 4:53 – extremely fast! The inside of Burrito Bros. has a great atmosphere and is extremely well kept – I dare to say that you could eat food off the floor if you wanted to. Let’s take a brief look at how much my lunch cost and more importantly, how it tasted.

Burrito Bros. Meal Price:

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl – $6.75 + Fountain Drink – $1.55

As you can see, the pricing at Burrito Bros. is extremely affordable and it is worth every penny. My chipotle chicken burrito bowl was amazing, from the grilled vegetables to the fresh corn, chicken and rice. It’s safe to say that Chipotle has nothing on this locally owned burrito shop, Burrito Bros. takes the cake, hands down.

Check out the map below for directions on how to get to Burrito Bros. in Jupiter, Florida and visit www.myburritobros.com for more information regarding this restaurant.