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Today the JupiterSandbar is proud to bring you our CG Burgers review.

The three of us at the office decided to go out to lunch today together and CG Burgers is the lunch spot that we all chose. Upon entering, we immediately saw the long line at the counter in which you place your orders. Surprisingly the line moved quickly due to the great staff and we had our order placed in no time. We were given our glasses for our fountain drinks, an electronic pager type device and picked our table. Tables are equipped with receivers for the little device that we were given at the counter – this is how they can tell what table you are at when they come to deliver your food. (see picture below)

First and foremost, it took about 14 minutes from the time we walked through the door until we received our food. It’s not the fastest restaurant but it’s definitely not the slowest either. The pricing is pretty fair if you get a combo but if you choose one of their “special” burgers then you begin to rack up a nice little bill. Let’s take a look at the pricing and overall impression of the food at CG Burgers below:

CG Burgers Single Combo – $6.95 – Served with your choice of toppings, fries and a fountain drink.

Tim’s Meal Review: I have to say that for the price I was pretty amazed by my CG Burgers Single Stack Hamburger. It was not overcooked or too greasy as a lot of these “fast” burger joints tend to be. The fries were great, not too salty at all and I finished my entire meal, leaving satisfied – not sickeningly full!

CG Burgers Turkey Burger – $5.95 + CG Burgers Zucchini Fries – $4.75 + Fountain Drink – $2.25

Devon’s Meal Review: When ordering turkey burgers from restaurants, you expect them to be a little on the dry and flavorless side.  Fortunately, CG Burgers Turkey Burger was neither.  It was juicy, had great flavor and required no sauces to give it that something that can typically be missing.  The zucchini fries were also delicious (but slightly greasy), with little salt so you could actually taste the zucchini.  It was a good meal that I would definitely order again.

CG Burgers California Burger – $5.95 + CG Burgers Salad Bar – $4.00 + Bottled Water – $2.25

Dave’s Meal Review: I’d have to say it’s definitely one of the best salad bars around, and the price is right. Only around $4 for a side salad which is the perfect size to go with any of their burgers.  The selection of fresh veggies is great along with a wide variety of cheeses, nuts, & dressings to go along with it. I also ordered the California burger, which basically means they threw some avocado, sprouts, and tomato on top of it. It’s a nice refreshing combination with the buttery avacado & crunch of the sprouts really give it a good unique taste.

Check out the map below for directions on how to get to CG Burgers in Jupiter, Florida and visit for more information regarding this restaurant..

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