Cobblestone Cafe Review – Jupiter, Florida

Cobblestone Cafe - JupiterSandbar

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Cobblestone Cafe review.

In our search for new places in Jupiter to eat and review, we stumbled upon the Cobblestone Cafe today. Hidden in a Publix shopping center, this restaurant looked like it was just dying to be featured among our reviews. Upon entering (yes the timer started) we weren’t too sure if the place was even open for lunch – there was nobody in sight! Despite the semi-rocky start, the extremely nice lady (also works at Burrito Bros.) took us to our table and took our drink order.

After reading over the “fancy” (that happens a lot up here in Jupiter, Florida) menu we were ready to place our order at the Cobblestone Cafe. From the time we entered the restaurant until we received our food was approximately 13 minutes – not bad for a sit-down restaurant however it was pretty empty. While ordering, we also found out that the restaurant had just started opening for lunch which is why the place was a ghost town – nobody knows it’s open!

I know you are all going to want to know exactly how the food is at the Cobblestone Cafe and how much it cost so let’s get right into it.

Chicken Salad Croissant – $12 – Served with Sweet Potato Fries and Cole Slaw

Tim’s Meal Review: I love a good chicken salad sandwich and when I saw that the Cobblestone Cafe served it on a croissant I thought I was in heaven. That being said, upon examining the sandwich I realized that there were grapes and cherries in the chicken salad! Keeping my mind open to try out new things, I tried the “fancy” (it’s a bit pricey too at $12) spin on a chicken salad sandwich and I was pleasantly surprised – it was pretty damn good! After today’s lunch I can proudly say that I am becoming a lot more open to trying “different” types of food – go me!

Ahi Tuna & Cucumber Salad – $13

Dave’s Meal Review: This place has been a Tequesta fixture for a long time but I’ve never ventured inside before. Today while rolling around we noticed it was opened for lunch and decided to give it a shot. The food was great, I had the Ahi Tuna salad which had a pretty nice light dressing over it, perfect for lunch. The place was dead empty probably since lunch time is a new thing for them. I thought it was interesting that the same owner of Cobblestone Cafe also owns Burrito Bros. Give this place a shot if you’re looking for a little higher end meal for lunch, it was a bit pricey, but definitely worth going to.

In conclusion, the Cobblestone Cafe does provide food that is pretty extraordinary but you will pay for it as far as pricing goes. The waitress was friendly and we received our food pretty quickly although the place was pretty dead. We will definitely be going back again to try out some more of their great food.

Check out the map below for the location of Cobblestone Cafe and visit for more information regarding this restaurant.