Connection For Subs Review – Jupiter, Florida

The Connection For Subs - JupiterSandbar

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Connection for Subs review.

The Connection for Subs in Jupiter, Florida has been around since 1974 and we frequently grab lunch here because it’s quick and delicious. Today, three of us from the Jupiter Sandbar decided to run over and grab some tasty subs – I had to get chili because of a root canal this morning which was extremely fun.

While the Connection for Subs (I call it Sub Connection) has some bar stools to eat at, I’d recommend just grabbing your sandwich to go and head on over to the beach to eat your lunch – who doesn’t love Jupiter Beach? The menu that they offer is extensive and the prices are pretty fair for the amount of food that you get – they offer lite bites (mini sub) for those of you on a diet.

How did the food at the little hole in the wall sub joint taste? Let’s take a quick look at our personal Sub Connection meal reviews and pricing below:

Large Chili – $5.19

Tim’s Meal Review: As stated above, I had a root canal this morning so I was unable to get my favorite from The Connection for Subs (Chicken Salad Sub) so I went for the Chili. Being the first time ordering this, I was a little skeptical but it was extremely good and exceeded my expectations. They load it up with fresh chopped onions and cheddar cheese that melts on top – it’s tastes as good as it sounds.

6” Tuna Salad Sub on Whole Wheat – $5.39

Dave’s Meal Review: I grabbed the tuna sub on whole wheat and just like every sub at The Connection it’ll never let you down. This place has been around as long as I can remember and they have sub making down to a science. The bread is always perfect and they have a wide variety of meats and cheeses to thrown down on your hoagie. I’d hate to say anything bad about it, but it would be nice if they have a better variety of vegetables. I end up at subway more often (even though their subs don’t even come close) because you can get spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, and pickles. I doubt I’m the only one too that likes something other than lettuce, tomato, and onions on my sandwich. If they could add that to the mix I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

6” Meatball Sub – $5.89 + Chips & Drink – $1.29

Greg’s Review: I being the meatball connoisseur that I am have a very distinct taste for flavor and balance of ingredients. Most meatball subs are bland and have too much red sauce on them. This meatball sub had none of those problems. The meatballs had an herby flavor that wasn’t too overpowering while still locking in the flavor. There was a perfect amount of cheese and sauce on it which all melded together in a cacophony of meat, cheese, and bread flavored perfection. I thought my meatball sub days were numbered after I found a perfect one at another sub shop which is now far away but my hopes have been restored by the Sub Connection. My only complaints would be that the meatballs were a little small which left extra bread at the end. These are only minor issues as I was barely able to finish a small sized sub in the first place. If your mouth waters at the thought of meatballs like mine does then the sub connection is the place to go for ultimate flavor and taste.

All in all, The Connection for Subs is a staple in Jupiter, Florida. If you have not tried their subs then you truly are missing out on some amazing local food. I suggest that everyone make some time to stop in and give it a try!

Check out the map below for the location of The Connection for Subs and visit The Connection for Subs’ Facebook Page for more information regarding this restaurant.