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Today the JupiterSandbar is proud to bring you our Dive Bar Restaurant review.

The Dive Bar is a brand new restaurant which recently opened in Jupiter, Florida so naturally we had to go check it out. Yesterday (Sunday March 4, 2012) I was up in the Jupiter area with my mother and her friend so we decided to go to lunch at The Dive Bar restaurant. If you have read our reviews in the past, you will notice that I usually time how long it takes for service but I did not yesterday, it was a casual lunch and we were surely in no rush.

That being said, upon entering the brand new Dive Bar in Jupiter, Florida, we were immediately greeted and escorted to our table. Our waitress quickly appeared from behind the sushi bar and took our drink orders – I ordered a Magic Hat draft, my mom had them make her a Mai Tai and her friend ordered some Key Lime Margarita with graham crackers on the rim of the glass…gross. After we received our drinks, the waitress was extremely friendly and started listing off the various specials and what she considered to be the best things to eat – it’s always good when they give you their input, they do work at the place so they know best!

After a pretty tough decision, all three of us placed our orders and continued wasting away our Sunday with our alcoholic beverages. Before I get into the pricing and taste of the food, I must explain the overall atmosphere of The Dive Bar in Jupiter, Florida. There are flat-screen televisions everywhere in the restaurant and the raw sushi bar wraps around the entire place, including a giant fish tank which is in the middle of the restaurant. We had the option to sit outside on the water but it was a little bit too cold for that – yes it gets cold in south Florida. Did I mention they were blasting Jimmy Buffet through the speakers? Yeah, it’s a pretty amazing place to sit and enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Okay, now let’s get into the overall cost of the food as well as how it tasted at The Dive Bar Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. Below is what all three of us ordered along our my meal review:

Fish Tacos – $15 – (served with rice)

Tim’s Meal Review: The fresh catch of the day was Mahi so that is what came wrapped up in my delicious fish tacos. I must say that these are probably the best fish tacos I have had up here in Jupiter – the rice that went with it was pretty amazing too. Some may say the price is a little outrageous but it was worth every penny – they went perfectly with my ice cold glass of Magic Hat!

Shrimp Po Boy – $10 – (served with fries)

My mom’s friend ordered the Shrimp Po Boy ( a New Orleans classic) and had nothing to complain about. She devoured the entire thing while sipping away on her Key Lime graham cracker margarita thing.

Iceberg Wedge – $7

Leave it to my mom to suggest a seafood restaurant to eat at when she hates seafood. She loved her salad after dousing it in extra ranch dressing.

All in all, The Dive Bar in Jupiter, Florida is a great place to eat at. The atmosphere is amazing and the staff is top notch – the chef even came around to make sure all of the food was good. I will definitely be going back soon!

*note* I am not a fan of sushi and neither of the two people I was with for lunch at The Dive Bar Restaurant were either. The JupiterSandbar will be going back with our sushi connoisseur at which time I will post a review on their massive sushi bar.

Check out the map below and visit www.divebarrestaurant.com for more information regarding The Dive Bar Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

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