Hog Snappers Shack & Sushi Review – Jupiter, Florida

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Hog Snappers Shack & Sushi review.

The boss man was busy with work today so we decided to go out to lunch minus one Jupiter Sandbar member – I must say, it was a lot more peaceful than usual. The restaurant that we picked today was Hog Snappers Shack & Sushi in Tequesta – we left early to beat the lunch crowd.

Upon entering Hog Snappers, we were immediately seated and had our drink order within a couple of minutes – the staff at this restaurant are extremely nice. The inside of the restaurant is designed to look like a tiki hut and it’s pretty damn cool – when I get a house I definitely want a room done like Hog Snappers. Let’s get back on track with the ordering of our food which was done only a few minutes after we received our drinks. While we were waiting on our food to arrive, one of the waitresses brought us out a sushi roll to try – nothing says awesome like some FREE sushi.

I can’t mention enough how nice the staff at Hog Snappers Shack & Sushi were but I know you all want to hear about how the food tasted and how much it set the Jupiter Sandbar back – check out our individual meal reviews below:

Te-questa Mucho Lobster Wrap – $14 – Served with French Fries

Tim’s Meal Review: It’s Friday so I decided to splurge a little and get the Lobster Wrap – everyone should have a little lobster every now and then. Upon arrival, the wrap was chock full of fresh veggies and more lobster than you could imagine – I was actually shocked at how much was in the wrap as restaurants usually give you more filler than actual lobster. I absolutely loved the lobster wrap and the french fries that accompanied it as a side. My recommendation is that you head over to Hog Snappers today and try out this wrap, you won’t be disappointed.

Crunchy Turkey Taco – $10 + Sweet Potato Fries – $2

Devon’s Meal Review: Today I ordered the Crunchy Turkey Taco and Sweet Potato Fries. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting… but not in a bad way. The taco was actually more like a wrap folded round and flat and then grilled. It had great flavor and didn’t need the pico de gallo and cole slaw it came with for extra flavor. The sweet potato fries, while good, weren’t exactly what I’m used to. These were panko crusted and heavily seasoned with seasoned salt. I tend to order sweet potato fries because it feels like a healthier alternative, but these did not seem at all healthier with the added breading. And with the seasoning, the flavor of the sweet potato got lost. All in all though, I did enjoy the food. And the decor and overall ambiance of the place was really nice. Reggae music played while you sat in a place that felt like a (nice) tiki bar/hut. The wait staff was also incredibly nice. Worth a try if you’ve never been.

In conclusion, Hog Snappers Shack & Sushi is a great place to go and hang out with your friends and family. The overall atmosphere is amazing, the food is to die for and the staff is comprised of some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The Jupiter Sandbar gives Hog Snappers two thumbs up and we definitely recommend that you try it out, you will not be disappointed at all.

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