Jupiter Beach Park – Jupiter, Florida

Today the JupiterSandbar is bringing you a review of Jupiter Beach Park in Jupiter, Florida.

Jupiter Beach Park is the official name of the park in Jupiter, Florida where you can find the Jupiter Inlet. This is definitely one of my favorite parks in the area and I’m there at least once a week. Back in the early 90’s I spent more than a few summer days hanging out with my friends running around fishing, snorkeling, and swimming all day. I’m pretty sure our parents considered it free day care since we’d get dropped off in the morning and didn’t get picked up again until the sun started to set.

The Jupiter Beach Park has a little bit of everything, from people/boat watching, to BBQ areas, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, sunbathing, the list goes on and on. It’s a popular spot to catch the sunrise and if you’re able to roll out of bed for it you’ll find a bunch of people sipping their morning coffee, guys fishing on the jetty, and usually a bunch of photographers trying to capture it all on their camera. As the day goes on, the fisherman start to fade out and the beach goers start to make their appearance. If there are waves you’ll be sure to see a bunch of surfers riding the breaks just south of the jetty. I don’t think many people realize it but the north end of the park is open 24/7 and visiting it after dark is a great experience. After a night out of dinner & drinks it’s a nice place to go for a little walk, especially when the moon is out.

For those people who like to picnic, Jupiter Beach Park has some great little picnic areas that border on a lagoon. During an incoming/high tide the lagoon is filled with crystal clear blue water and is a great place to let your kids go crazy without worrying too much. I’m pretty sure each picnic spot comes with a grill, but not 100% sure about that. One thing I do know is that if it’s a nice day out or a holiday, you better drop off one of your unlucky friends or family members early in the morning to sit there and claim the spot you want. There are only like 5-6 lagoon spots and they fill up quick, by 9-10am they’re usually all taken.

If you’ve lived in Jupiter, Florida for longer than a couple months and haven’t been to Jupiter Beach Park yet, shut off your computer and get over there now. Seriously, turn it off, and go right now. It’s one of the many things that makes Jupiter a kick ass place to live and/or visit.

Check out the map below for directions to Jupiter Beach Park and visit the Official Jupiter Beach Park Website for more information.