Rancho Chico Review – Jupiter, Florida

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Rancho Chico review.

Now that Tropical Storm Debby has moved on from South Florida, we are left with a beautiful day to venture out for our weekly Jupiter Sandbar lunch – it’s nothing but blue skies and sunshine outside! While a beachfront restaurant would have been a great choice, we collectively decided that we were in the mood for some Mexican Food, thus the decision to go to Rancho Chico.

Today was not our first rodeo at Rancho Chico in Tequesta, Florida but it’s the first trip that we have decided to review our experience. Upon entering the restaurant you are immediately greeted by a massive front desk of sorts that is attached to the bar – it almost feels like you just entered a hotel lobby that has been decked out in Mexican flare.

Anyways, once we were taken to our table and served our drinks and free chips + salsa, it was time to place our order. I have to admit that the lunch specials at Rancho Chico are absolutely incredible – prices start at $5.99 for a gigantic plate of food. Being that we had been here before, we placed our order and received the food in an extremely speedy manner. Let’s take a look at what delicious Mexican dishes we ordered, how they tasted and just how much our lunch cost us:

Arroz Con Pollo – $5.99

Tim’s Meal Review: I decided to try something different today for our Jupiter Sandbar lunch so I went with the Arroz Con Pollo. After completely butchering the pronunciation of the dish, I received a plateful of Mexican food goodness. The fresh mushrooms were a great touch in the giant heap of grilled chicken, rice and cheese – it was a pretty good dish and at $5.99 I can’t complain at all.

Avocado Tostada – $5.99

Dave’s Meal Review: Rancho Chico is Jupiter gold for fast, easy and damn good mexican food.  It’s pretty much chain mexican with giant portions and quick service.  The chips and salsa at the beginning hit the spot and get your all warmed up for a food fiesta thats about to unfold.  If you’re there and ready to kick back with some drinks then make sure to get one of their margaritas, they are giant and pretty damn good as well.  If it wasn’t 1pm in the afternoon when we went I’m sure there would have been some consumption of those taking place.  I had an avacado tostada with chicken which hit the spot, but I’ve been here a bunch in the past and everything is good.  Make sure to give this place a shot, theres one off Indiantown and one in Tequesta for your mexican chowing pleasure.

Chicken Chimichanga – $5.99

Devon’s Meal Review: (Photo Provided)

In conclusion if you are up in the Jupiter, Florida area and are craving some decent Mexican food at an affordable price, Rancho Chico is the place for you! The service during our visit was extremely fast and the waiters were exceptionally friendly – I’d definitely recommend visiting Rancho Chico at least once!

Please visit www.ranchochico.net for more information regarding the Rancho Chico Mexican Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.