Rockstar Catering Company Review – Jupiter, Florida

Rockstar Catering Company - JupiterSandbar

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Rockstar Catering Company & Event Planners review.

A couple of days ago a representative for Rockstar Catering Company dropped by our new office building in Jupiter, Florida to let us know that they were now delivering lunch to our local area (Tequesta – PGA Blvd). Upon looking over the menu, we all agreed that everything offered looked amazing and could not wait to try out their new lunch.

Yesterday we carefully looked over the menu and devised our plan of attack to give Rockstar Catering company a whirl. Today when we arrived to the Jupiter Sandbar office, we placed our order at which point in time they asked us when we would like our food to be delivered. We agreed that one o’clock local time would be a perfect time to eat – of course they were not only on time but they were actually a couple of minutes early.

The delivery guy for Rockstar Catering Company was super friendly and ran through the invoice for our order with me to just verify that everything was there. It was now time to dig in and try out the food that by my definition is pretty damn fancy – check out our individual reviews below which gives our overview of the taste as well as how much it set the Jupiter Sandbar back to pay for the meals:

Banh Mi – $9 – Served with Kettle Chips

Tim’s Meal Review: I am no stranger to the Rockstar Catering Company as they prepared the food for an amazing wedding I recently attended (The DiGiovanni Wedding). It was quite surprising to see that they now offer lunch delivery and I must admit I was excited to try the Banh Mi sandwich that I ordered. The sandwich was comprised of braised pork belly, daikon, carrots, cilantro, Hudson River pate [I still have no clue what that is but it was delicious], and sweet onion. Fanciness aside, the sandwich was absolutely delicious and I’d gladly eat it time and time again. For $9 the quality and tastiness of Rockstar Catering Company’s food is absolutely top-notch – don’t wait any longer, call them up and taste greatness for yourself!

Mi Thai Salad – $10

Tammy’s Meal Review: I had the Mi Thai Salad which was really good. The chicken was perfectly moist and seasoned, and the veggies were very fresh. It was a little spicy but had great flavor! I would order from them again any day!

Bill Parcels Salad – $14

Dave’s Meal Review: (Coming Soon)

I must conclude our review of Rockstar Catering Company by letting you all know that shortly after we had devoured our meals, Jeff gave the office a call to make sure our food was delivered on time and met our expectations – that right there ladies and gentlemen is amazing customer service. Of course we let Jeff know that everything was fantastic and that we will definitely be ordering from them at least once a week. We here at the Jupiter Sandbar strongly recommend trying out the delicious food that Rockstar Catering Company + Event Planners offer.

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