Schooner’s Review

Schooner's - JupiterSandbar

Today the JupiterSandbar is proud to bring you our Schooner’s review.

Schooner’s in Jupiter, Florida is the Jupiter Sandbar’s go-to restaurant when we are in need of some great seafood. Today I ventured over to Schooner’s with my brother who was up visiting the office. Despite being packed, we were instantly greeted and taken to our table for two. I am afraid that the rest of the review won’t be as happy-go-lucky as the other restaurants we have covered thus far on

It took us quite some time to have our drink order taken and then even longer to receive them. To top it off, my brother’s beer was flat – my iced tea was good though. Once we placed our meal orders, the lackluster service continued to trump the great food that Schooner’s has to offer. By the time that we ate our lunch and received the bill it has been well over an hour – not the speediest place, that’s for certain. What about the price of the food and overall taste?

Below I will discuss the meals that my brother and myself ordered:

Conch Fritters – $8.95

The conch fritters are a must when you eat at Schooner’s. These delicious fried treats are served with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce and are absolutely out of this world.

Crab Cake Sandwich – $11.50 (comes with side of french fries)

I ordered the crab cake sandwich and I must say it was pretty good – despite having tomato on it when I said “no tomato”. The price is a little scary but for fresh seafood, it really isn’t all that bad. I’d definitely recommend this sandwich to anyone that loves crab – it’s excellent.

Cheeseburger – $10.50 (served with side of french fries & pickle)

My brother just couldn’t catch a break today as he received a flat draft beer and then his cheeseburger wasn’t exactly what he ordered. Of course, he didn’t send his beer back nor did he ask them to un-cook his burger. (asking for medium evidently means well-done) Despite being slightly overcooked, he did enjoy the cheeseburger, fries and fresh pickle – his first time at Schooner’s wasn’t a complete disaster!

The lesson of the day is that Schooner’s in Jupiter, Florida has some amazing seafood. I recommend that you visit this restaurant but don’t look to spend less than an hour there – food is great, service is mediocre at best.

Check out the map below for directions on how to get to Schooner’s in Jupiter, Florida and visit for more information regarding this restaurant.