Sharkbite Grille Review – Jupiter, Florida

Sharkbite Grille - JupiterSandbar

Today the Jupiter Sandbar is proud to bring you our Sharkbite Grille review.

Every morning I pass by the Sharkbite Grille on my way in to the office and today we all decided to try it out for lunch. It’s quietly tucked away in a strip mall on everyone’s favorite street in Jupiter; Indiantown Road! This place is relatively new and upon entering I felt like I was in a fun place – the walls are painted with an underwater mural chock full of fish and the table tops list various types of…sharks!

One of the workers opened the door (how nice) for us and the hostess greeted us instantaneously as she walked us to our booth. From the time we walked through the door at Sharkbite Grille until we received our food it took about 15 minutes – we did take a couple of extra minutes to look over the menu because it was our first time at the restaurant. Despite being pretty packed during lunch, I have to admit the service was extremely fast and the waiter constantly refreshed our glasses without having to ask us – that’s always a plus.

As far as the food at Sharkbite Grille goes, the pricing was not too shabby and it tasted pretty damn good. Below you can check out the Jupiter Sandbar’s individual meal reviews which gives you an idea of the pricing and overall quality you can expect when you go and try the restaurant out:

Sausage & Peppers Sandwich – $7.95 – Served with Fries

Tim’s Meal Review: Who doesn’t love a good sausage and peppers sandwich? When I saw this on the menu I was skeptical at how big the actual sandwich would be because the price was so low – I was expecting a piece of sausage slapped on some wonder bread. I must say that I was surprised when I received my meal as the sandwich was gigantic and the serving of french fries was also pretty damn large. The sandwich itself was amazing and I want to say the fries are homemade because they were delicious as well – I got a to-go box for half the sandwich and I will gladly eat it for dinner tonight.

Baja Fish Tacos – $9.95 – Served with Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Devon’s Meal Review: I love fish tacos, so when I saw them on the menu at Sharkbite Grille I had to order them. They were pretty darn good— and the slaw on top of the blackened fish had red bell pepper in it, which to me always makes a slaw. I’d definitely recommend them.

Fish Bites & Gumbo – $7.99 – Express Lunch Special (Choose 2 items off special lunch menu)

Dave’s Meal Review: This place is exactly where the old Atlanta Bread Company used to be, but hopefully this restaurant will stick around a bit longer. I was pretty suprised by the whole setup inside, not what I was expecting at all. It looks like Sharkbite Grille will be a good place to catch a game when football season rolls around. There are a ton of flat screen TV’s and a nice sized bar which was stocked from top to bottom. The food was pretty good too and didn’t cost much. If you’re looking for some place other than Duffy’s to watch your next game at, give this place a shot.

In conclusion, Sharkbite Grille is a great place to go and hang out, whether it be with your friends or family. There are flat screen televisions everywhere and an extremely nice bar that you can waste away any day at. The food is spectacular and the service is top-notch – you don’t find that often. We definitely recommend that you make a trip to this restaurant if you have not already – you won’t be disappointed.

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